Thursday, December 20, 2012


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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

4 GRAND events

So, we have this guy, Eric, in our neighborhood, who's the Fire CHIEF of a nearby fire station. 
He invited us by for a visit. A PRIVATE tour, if you will.
We were enjoying our tour, until, the alarm went off, and Eric sped away in the fire truck. 
From that moment on, I don't believe Lucy took her hands off her ears. 

Lucy for us!!!! Captain E came back, 
( it was just a man who had become sick after eating hot sauce.?.?.) 
and we were THEN given the royal treatment. 

I did feel bad my kids couldn't hear half of what Eric said, since their ears were closed.
And Hank, surprisingly, was the MOST scared of them all. And, he's the one who's been 'fireman Eric' since we went there.          

So, what does making dinner at your house look like? This is mine. 'BOYS, go outside, NOW.'
                                    Yup. Its pretty much the bewitching hour at our home.

Happy happy birthday, Jackie dear. 
The big 31!!!! 
It was a great birthday, leaps and bounds over last years fiasco, (which I can now laugh about). 
Thanks to dear dear friends who send notes, letters and called. 
And to my hubbs for the decor, and icing on the cake. 

To celebrate the evening, Jeff and I went to dinner. 
Despite searching out a place that we'd both feel comfortable, 
AND not loose our wallet over it, we settled at some Diner. 
Um....check out the menu. Escargot?!?!?!?! Calamari?!?!?!
Oh well. It was a fabulous evening!!! 

I was in part responsible for Lucy's preschool halloween party. 
It was great weather as we paraded around the playground, and then inside for snacks and games. 

Every year, I say I'll dress up, but then never do. 
Well dang it, this year I did. 
I was a gypsie/pirate, and when Jeff came home, and I asked how he liked my costume, his reply
'oh, I didn't notice. You dress like a lot of times, right?' 
Oh well, off to steal some gold! 

We could not have had better weather to go begging candy from neighbors er trick-or-treating.
We even let the kids stay up 30 min later. Oooooo

And the Icing on the cake, BOULDER BOULDER
So, 2nd grade, I met someone. This someone has been a constant in my life, 
and to this day remains a true friend of mine.
And the story gets better. 
She was born a day before me, actually just HOURS before, 
AND she's adopted. 
What a perfect potion to let our 2nd grade minds believe we were twins, separated at birth.  
Jenna Marie Rix came to town to celebrate! 

What did we do? Besides rampage every consignment shop in Boulder? 
We enjoyed fabulous food, late nights, beautiful weather, hikes, and splendid company. 

Jenna, thanks for spending our birthdays together. 
Thanks for the memories and laughs, 
and when we meet again.......

To top it off, J took some splendid pictures of our family. 
But for the rest, you'll have to wait till you get your Holiday card in the mail! 
But for now, heres a teaser of me and m' honey. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Moab and her 5th!

First, I know. 
Everyone says the same thing. 
How is it possible that time has gone so FAST
Its true! 
My Lucy baby has turned 5 years old! 
We took cookies to her preschool class to celebrate. 

Lucy has fallen in love with her ponies! 
And the weather has been so beautiful. Playing outside on our driveway is one of our favorites. 

                  The Sanders fam, Jeffs fam, has always been so consistant with family trips,    
and for the first time in 3 YEARS, 
we were able to go. 
We all met up in Moab, for the weekend, 
to celebrate two girlies birthdays, and enjoy the last of the fall weather. 
On our way, we happened upon a Lightening McQueen car, and we HAD to stop! 

The first b-day was Lucys cousin.
Addie Lou. (well, not really Lou, but it works)
The weather was super amazing, and the pinyatta, well, you know how those go.  (and, I'm sure you know how they are spelled as well)

And this begins the rounds of 'Happy Birthday' that were sung, WITH the ukulele. 

And THIS is my favorite picture from the trip!!! 
So....apparently there were some major maple doughnut lovers out there, and Hol and I were just about to fight over the last one. 

One morning we did braids in all the girlies hair! Lucy was in hog heaven, and if Charlie had known better, he'd have been chasing them all. 
Smiling in the sun, showing off their braids. 
Cutie girls. 

ALL the cute Sanders Cousins!!! 
We had so much fun with these cuties! 

One of the many hikes that we went on. 

Lucys birthday party treasure hunt. 
We hid all things princess, ring pops and candy. 

Cute Chloe and Lucy girl

Lucys favorite part of her birthday was the 'birthday box' 
where each member comes up, puts a dollar in the box, and says what they love about Lucy. 
She loved what they said, and loves the fact that she has money. 
Just today, she said ' I just love money. I love the way it feels and sounds' 
Oh boy. I can see where this is going. 

Oh Miss Lucy Lou. 
You are the gleam in my eye. 
Everything I could ever wish a daughter to be. 
You love to color and color and color, in your princess book, and should you take a moments rest from that, I could find you listening to a book on CD, reading your princess story book, 
or playing with ponies. 
You are ever kind, and helpful to your brothers, and they love you to the moon and back. 
You are always the first to offer help. 
You hate a mess. 
Love suckers and Gum.
Love all things pink, purple, and princess.
Love to keep your toys, room and clothes organized. 
Love to sing, and love your dance class. 
You are a favorite in your preschool class, to no surprise. 
I love you to the end of the earth, and beyond! 
When I tell you how sad I am that you are getting older, your sweet response is always 
'but when I'm older, I'll help you clean the dishes, put things away, come visit you.' 
Promise Lucy? 
I love love L.O.V.E you Missie Ann, Lucy Lou, Sissie, Pooks, Sweetie Pie. 
Happy Birthday.  

The kids would go behind the camper, come up with a play, and come show the audience. 
It was the most wonderful production I've been to. 

Me, watching the production, and this picture of hank I think is a mid sneeze, and SO funny! 

The trip was super dusty, chaotic, busy, but CRAZY fun! 
So glad to see family we haven't seen in years, meet cousins we've never met, 
and celebrate the birth of 2 fantastic girlies!!! 
Thanks Sanders Fam!